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Housing Affordability and Homelessness


The lack of affordable housing is one of the most significant challenges facing our region. The soaring costs of housing in our region has serious impacts on our economy and makes it hard for San Diegans to be able to afford the cost of living in the region. 

In response to this, Supervisor Fletcher is aggressively pushing to increase affordable housing being built in each of our communities. He supports programs like“No Place Like Home” which brings state  funds to San Diego County to create permanent, supportive housing for individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and experiencing serious mental illness.  Additionally, he is in favor of continuing to use excess county-owned land to develop into housing throughout the County.  Supervisor Fletcher has also voted to expand San Diego County’s “Innovative Housing Trust Fund” which  allows affordable housing developers to use County money to leverage funds and increases the construction of affordable housing units throughout the County. 

In addition to behavioral health, housing instability and economic insecurity are major drivers for homelessness in our region.  Supervisor Fletcher believes that the only way to make significant headway on the homelessness issue is through region-wide and multi-prong approaches that address the various reasons leading to homelessness.  

Due to his passion for behavioral health and his regional expertise on the issue,Supervisor Fletcher was appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to his Council of Regional Homeless Advisors.  Through this role he worked with other leaders from around the state to develop a cohesive, best-practice approach to tackling California’s homelessness crisis.  Recommendations developed by the Council were presented to the Governor, who will use these guidelines in shaping homelessness policy in California.  Supervisor Fletcher is committed to bringing this statewide knowledge to San Diego, through his role as the Vice-Chair of the Regional Task Force on the Homeless, San Diego’s regional experts on homelessness. 


News: Housing Affordability and Homelessness

Grantville Trolley Station 250-Unit Development Aims to Help Housing Crunch in San Diego


The housing market will soon get some much-needed relief as transit and housing officials broke ground on a new $106 million 250-unit residential development at the Grantville Trolley Station. The Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) and Greystar Real Estate are partnering on the development, which sits between the new SDSU West site and SDSU main campus. A second, neighboring development is in the works for later this year on another portion of the station property reserved for qualified low-income residents.

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San Diego County Board Votes Unanimously to Create Department for Homeless Services


The idea for the Department of Homeless Solution and Equitable Communities was first presented by Supervisor Nathan Fletcher at the State of the County but was heard by the full board for the first time on Tuesday.

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Five Policies Chair Fletcher Introduced Were Passed at Tuesday’s Board Meeting


Five policies Chair Nathan Fletcher introduced or co-docketed during Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting were supported during a marathon meeting that was still going after 10 p.m. The policies passed will address homelessness, the environment, behavioral health and support the event industry and denounce hate against the Asian and Pacific Islander community.

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County Department of Homeless Solutions and Equitable Communities being introduced by Chair Fletcher on Tuesday, April 6 Board Meeting


San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chair Nathan Fletcher wants the County to better leverage its expertise and resources to support the regional response to the homelessness crisis. On Tuesday, April 6, he is presenting a policy to establish a new Department of Homeless Solution and Equitable Communities. Chair Fletcher first introduced the concept during his State of the County Address in February.

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Convention Center Shelter Operations Extended


“The Convention Center operation is designed to protect not only the public health of its residents, but make connections into sustainable treatment programs,” said County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, Co-Chair of the County’s COVID-19 Subcommittee...

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Supervisor Fletcher votes NO on Otay Village 13 project


“While the Otay Village 13 project is consistent with the density in the County General Plan, my concern with the use of carbon offsets precluded me from supporting this project at this time. ...

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2020 Point in Time Count Results


. “With this data we can secure more funding to support our homeless outreach strategies and deliver critical mental health, substance abuse and housing services to people living in our region without shelter. To make the count a successful endeavor it takes people, and I am grateful for all the volunteers, but I have a special place in my heart for the more than five-hundred County employees who stepped-up this year -- thank you.”

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Proactive COVID-19 Testing Begins for Shelter Residents at Convention Center


“It is a testament to the commitment made by local government, service providers and nonprofits to work in a coordinated manner to slow the spread of coronavirus,” said Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, Vice-Chair of the Regional Task Force on the Homeless and Co-Chair of the County’s COVID-19 Task Force.

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Supervisor Fletcher, County Board Join Coalition Requesting $2B be added to State Budget for Housing & Homelessness Resources


“We have risen to the occasion to protect unsheltered individuals during this coronavirus crisis, but now is the time to prepare to keep them from going back onto the streets when this pandemic ends,” said Supervisor Fletcher, Vice Chair of the Regional Task Force on the Homeless and Co-chair of the County’s COVID-19 Subcommittee.

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Convention Center Opens as Temporary Regional Homeless Shelter Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


“To best prepare for COVID-19, we need to all work together as a region," said Supervisor Fletcher. San Diego County is proud to provide emergency funding as well as mental and behavioral health services, healthcare and daily health screenings to help reduce the risk of this virus devastating our homeless community. Quite simply, it’s the right thing to do.”

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San Diego Converts Golden Hall To Shelter, Prepares For More COVID-19 Cases


The city of San Diego announced Monday the entirety of Golden Hall and parts of the Convention Center will be converted to homeless shelters with hundreds of beds as the city rushes to prepare for what health officials are describing as a storm on the horizon with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Preparations Underway to Open All of Golden Hall, Parts of Convention Center to Serve Homeless Individuals


“We want San Diegans to know their City, County and State government are working collaboratively with homeless service providers to activate a regionally coordinated plan to protect unsheltered people from COVID-19." -County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher

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District 4 Neighborhood to Receive Affordable Housing Because of County Investment


With today’s Board action: Innovative Housing Trust Fund, CDBG and HOME funds will be allocated to support the construction of 435 affordable housing units across the County.

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Supervisor Nathan Fletcher Comments on Governor Newsom’s Homeless Plans announced during 2020 State of the State


Today Governor Gavin Newsom outlined a path forward on homelessness that is actionable and shows his commitment to addressing the challenge our state faces.

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Board Authorizes County to Move Forward with Plans for Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool, Regional Task Force on Homeless Partnership


As a member of the Governor’s Council on Regional Homeless Advisors, I am thankful our board voted to continue progress towards innovative solutions to tackle our housing and homelessness crisis.

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Supervisor Nathan Fletcher & Other Homeless Advisors Make Recommendations to Governor Newsom


Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, in his appointed role to the Governor’s Council of Regional Homeless Advisors, together with the other 12 members of the Council today presented an interim set of recommendations for how to address homelessness in a letter to California Governor Gavin Newsom and unveiled them during a press briefing in Sacramento.

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Gov. Newsom Announces CA Homeless Fund


We stand with Governor Newsom's efforts to tackle homelessness in California. We must use all available resources to build more affordable housing and deliver behavioral health services to homeless populations in order to effectively address this crisis.

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Statement: Supervisor Nathan Fletcher Reacts to Governor Newsom’s Executive Order on Homelessness


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County-Supported Housing Navigation Center a Step Forward for San Diego


This month, the Housing Navigation Center opened its doors to an eager community of unsheltered residents of downtown San Diego.

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Board Approves Supervisor Fletcher’s Proposal for a Flexible Funds for Housing Program (Flex Pool)


The homeless crisis facing San Diego requires us to be not only creative and innovative in seeking solutions, but collaborative, cities and counties working together with nonprofits and the private sector.

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Supervisor Fletcher Announces Proposal for Housing Subsidy Program


Today Supervisor Nathan Fletcher announced a new policy proposal for the County of San Diego to assist unsheltered individuals, veterans, and seniors on fixed incomes with gap funding for direct rental assistance and other housing related expenses so they can secure permanent housing quickly and without barriers.

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White House report urges deregulation to reduce homelessness


Excerpts from San Diego Union Tribune article: County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, a member of the Regional Task Force on the Homeless, blasted the report.

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Broad Coalition of Leaders Launch New Homeless Outreach Pilot Program


The following statement was released after a joint press conference with City, County, and community leaders to announce Connect Hillcrest, a new community-driven, civic initiative dedicated to providing coordinated and concentrated street outreach services to individuals experiencing homelessness in the impacted Hillcrest area.

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Hundreds of County Employees to Help Count the Homeless


Excerpts from CBS 8 story: A record number of County employees will be hitting the streets next week to help count homeless people in the region.

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