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Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, Supervisor of San Diego County’s Fourth District, welcomes the opportunity to recognize exceptional individuals, groups, and events in San Diego County. Proclamations are issued by the Board of Supervisors and sponsored by Nathan to celebrate, honor, or recognize a notable achievement or milestone (day, week, or month).  All requests for proclamations must be submitted using the form below at least four weeks prior to the date needed.


What can proclamations be issued for? 

  • Significant contributions and service to the community

  • Organization, business or group milestones and significant anniversaries

  • Cultural or historical occasions

  • Charitable fundraising efforts

  • Centennial birthdays

  • Honoring a good cause 

Who can make a proclamation request? 

  • Each proclamation request must recognize individuals, groups, or events within San Diego County. 

What will proclamations not be issued for? 

  • Campaigns or events contrary to county policies

  • Events or organizations with no locally-based chapters or direct relationship with the County of San Diego

The Office of the Supervisor reserves the right to modify or deny any proclamation request. Proclamations may be published on your organization’s website or social media and we encourage you to hang them up in your place of business or community space.  If you intend to use the Supervisor’s name or image while promoting your certificate, please contact the Supervisor’s communications office at (619) 531-5544 or to obtain prior approval.