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Nathan Fletcher

Nathan Fletcher, Supervisor of San Diego County’s Fourth District, is leading a new generation of progressive policymaking in San Diego County. He is committed to building diverse coalitions, fighting for equitable policy, and delivering substantial outcomes in the areas of behavioral health, child welfare, & environmental justice.

After the Vaccine, Republicans Became Far More Likely to Die with Covid-19 Than Democrats


A Voice of San Diego analysis of death certificates and public voter files reveals that partisan affiliation was a predictor of one’s likelihood to perish during year two of the pandemic. Those who decline to identify with a party also saw a higher rate of death.

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Opinion: Why not use San Diego’s NAVWAR military property for affordable housing?


The Navy wants to redevelop its Naval Information Warfare Systems Command, or NAVWAR, a sprawling 70.3-acre complex in San Diego’s Midway District. According to the Navy, the site can accommodate up to 10,000 housing units, but, no surprise, there is no requirement in its request for qualifications/proposals that any of the units be affordable housing.

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On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, New Partnership Will Preserve Legacies


On Friday, as we marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jewish Federation of San Diego County has an eye toward the future. We are proud and excited to announce a new partnership with San Diego’s local group of Holocaust Survivors, the New Life Club, on several important care and legacy initiatives.

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