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San Diego County Supervisors Approve Data Program to Reduce Homelessness



The San Diego County Board of Supervisors Tuesday unanimously approved a data analytics policy to help prevent homelessness.

Board Chairman Nathan Fletcher proposed developing a comprehensive integrated data system that allows county employees to evaluate if a person is at risk of becoming homeless and offer support to keep them housed.

The proposal also calls for creating a homeless prevention unit within the Office of Homelessness Solutions to conduct direct outreach to individuals.

Helen Robbins-Meyer, county chief administrative officer, will have 180 days to develop an analytics plan, which will also need board approval.

According to Fletcher’s office, Los Angeles County government in 2020 also approved using predictive analysis to prevent homelessness.

Using data from eight L.A. County agencies, outreach workers focused their attention on people and families at greatest risk of losing their homes, and offered help.

In a statement after the vote, Fletcher said the county will continue to tackle the crisis that exists on the streets, “but we must invest in preventative actions like this one that stops people from becoming unhoused. This new technology will do it.”

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