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COVID Misinformation is a Threat to Public Health. Sacramento County Is Right to Combat It



In recent months, the public comments at Sacramento County’s Board of Supervisors meetings have gone completely off the rails, usurped by conspiracy theorists and misinformation that undermines the county’s efforts to rid our community of COVID-19.

Supervisor Sue Frost, chair of the board, has not only allowed this, but she has participated in it. She has refused to wear masks at meetings, flouting a public health order requirement from her own department. Her seat in the board chambers is now surrounded by plexiglass, an embarrassing symbol of her standing as a leader.

Frost has shown herself to be an anti-science extremist and attended anti-vaccine rallies in Placer County linked to the Proud Boys and self-styled militia groups. In public hearings, she has repeatedly espoused the false claim that the vaccines are “experimental” — even after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine full approval. 

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