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Supervisor Nathan Fletcher today reappointed celebrated San Diego LGBTQ+ leader and advocate Nicole Murray-Ramirez to the Leon L. Williams County of San Diego Human Relations Commission (HRC) through January 4, 2027. The Board of Supervisors approved the appointment. This will be the second term on the HRC for Murray-Ramirez, who served on HRC after it was newly constituted by Supervisor Fletcher in 2020.

“Before I was elected to the Board of Supervisors, Nicole told me the story of the County’s Human Relations Commission and the decision by a previous board to get rid of it; he encouraged me to bring it back and in 2020 I developed a policy to do so,” said Supervisor Fletcher. “One of my first appointments to the HRC was Nicole because I know with his voice and knowledge of our communities would benefit the group; and after many years of dedicated service to upholding human rights, I was happy to reappoint my friend, and a fierce advocate to continue serving our County.”

Considered to be the honorary Mayor of Hillcrest, Murray-Ramirez has spent nearly 50 years of his life fighting for social justice for everyone, but throughout his career has worked to lift up the LGBTQ+ and Latino communities. One of the actions that really put Murray-Ramirez on the map in San Diego County was his leadership of protests during the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980s; he galvanized the community to pressure the government to support those in need of help. His advocacy even landed him a position on the County’s Regional Task Force on AIDS more than 40 years ago. 

Murray-Ramirez’s impact on San Diego has been so significant that in 2022 an honorary street sign adorned with his name was unveiled atop a street post nearby where the most important LGBTQ+ community events kick-off in the Hillcrest neighborhood.

To learn more about Murray-Ramirez’s life achievements, visit this link to San Diego Pride.

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