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Supervisor Nathan Fletcher’s nomination of Supervisors Nora Vargas, Terra Lawson-Remer and Joel Anderson to hold the Chair, Vice Chair and Chair Pro Tem positions on San Diego County Board of Supervisors was supported unanimously today during the organizational meeting held at 9 a.m.  

Supervisor Fletcher, who served as Chair for two consecutive years, believes it is important to recognize the ability of others to serve in leadership roles; and when possible present them with the opportunity to take up the mantle, which is why he made the nominations. 

“Nora Vargas during her time on the Board has proven she is an effective and driven person with an unmatched level of care and compassion for our community. I am excited to see what she accomplishes as Chairwoman of the Board,” said Supervisor Fletcher. 

“Terra Lawson-Remer thoughtfully evaluates every action our Board takes and has shown she can keep things moving forward; these characteristics will serve her well as Vice Chair, and Joel Anderson cares about making progress and has been a good partner on addiction treatment, mental health and tackling homelessness; his perspective and experience serving as Chair Pro Tem again will be good for our Board.”   

During his first term (2019-2022), Supervisor Fletcher worked to fundamentally change how San Diego County government serves its residents. He passed more than 130 policies; 92% of which received bi-partisan support. Supervisor Fletcher’s leadership drove the transformation of the way mental health and addiction treatment are delivered; people experiencing homelessness are helped; how affordable housing is built and the County addresses climate change; and the way children and families are provided services. To learn more about the results of Supervisor Fletcher’s first term, click here.