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The $7.35 billion County of San Diego 2022-2023 Budget adopted today reflects the change Chair Nathan Fletcher vowed to bring to the County after being elected in 2019.    

Each year since, due to Chair Fletcher’s action, the budget process has evolved and the County has improved on how it involves San Diegans in the process; the annual spend on health and human services, including behavioral health has continued to climb; and finally the budget passed today is the most resident-centered budget since Chair Fletcher took office, which is evidenced by its direct focus on supporting working families, unsheltered individuals and vulnerable communities across the region.      

“The budget we just approved is the type of budget we have been working to achieve,” said Chair Fletcher. “This budget truly reflects the will of San Diego County residents. It is a budget that the people of San Diego County can count on to support them. This is the most progressive and working family focused budget passed during my time here as a member of the Board of Supervisors. 

“We have made the largest investment ever in behavioral health services in the history of our county. Unprecedented investments on programs to help unsheltered San Diegans. Significant funding to upgrade the healthcare services and staffing in our County jails. Plus, we are investing more to fight climate change, address stormwater issues and plant more trees countywide; keep our communities safe by funding public safety; protect neighborhoods from the dangers of wildfires; and build more affordable housing.” 

Budget Highlights

  • Additional $71.8 million and 115 new positions for the ongoing transformation of the behavioral health system, moving away from crisis response, and into a prevention and continuous care model. 

  • $11.9 million from one-time stimulus funds to develop affordable housing to reduce homelessness.

  • $10 million increase to help people experiencing homelessness region wide by working with cities to fund shelters and places for people to stay. 

  • More than $130 million invested in health care in the County jails. 

  • Additional $2.2 million to protect communities and reduce wildfire risk in unincorporated areas through roadside vegetation management and fire breaks. 

  • 100 new positions for Child Welfare Services to support quality placements for children in care, to strengthen prevention services and connect families to community-based services. 

  • 100 new positions for essential services including Calfresh and Medi-Cal, to help people get the food and healthcare they need.  

  • 60 new positions for In-Home Supportive Services for older adults and people who are blind or disabled. 

  • Nearly $60 million for environmental improvements, including $40 million to address stormwater, $16.3 million on the Multiple Species Conservation Program and $3.4 million to improve the Tijuana River Valley.

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