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A majority of the five members of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors today voted to support the County to explore taking legal action against gun manufacturers and hold them accountable for unnecessary violence that occurs with their products. The vote was 3 to 2, and afterward, the authors of the policy, Chair Nathan Fletcher and Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer released the following statements: 

“We have added another tool to our fight against gun violence in San Diego County,” said Chair Fletcher.  “Today we have put our County in a position to take action against multimillion-dollar companies that profit off of people buying deadly weapons, but historically have never had the responsibility of making sure the wrong people don’t purchase them. Our efforts today will help to create greater accountability.”     

"Gun manufacturing is a multi-billion dollar business that profits off deadly products and these corporations cannot get away with deliberately evading the law, marketing to kids, and other reckless and illegal actions," said Supervisor Lawson-Remer. "Today we are taking our fight for common-sense gun safety from the statehouse to the courthouse, and hold firearm manufacturers accountable in a court of law for their role in deadly shootings."

These two supervisors have teamed-up before to tackle the issue of gun violence in San Diego County. They previously authored and passed a policy to ban unserialized ghost guns and require the safe storage of firearms in the County’s unincorporated areas. 

The Supervisors do not have a specific lawsuit they are wishing the County join at this time, however today’s approval of this policy will activate the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to consult with the Sheriff and other relevant departments, to work with other law enforcement agencies to receive copies of their reports related to weapon seizure, and bring back recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for options to initiate litigation against gun manufacturers. To read the entire policy, click the link here

Other jurisdictions, including the cities of Los Angeles and Baltimore have taken legal action against gun manufacturers. 

Alarming Statistics

  • Among two­ dozen high-income, populous countries including Australia, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, over 80 percent of firearm deaths occur in the U.S. 
  • Over 90 percent of children killed by firearms in this group were from the U.S. 
  • Each year, more than 45,222 people in the U.S. die as a result of gun violence, and tens of thousands more suffer non-fatal gun injuries.
  • Firearms are the leading cause of death among children and teens.