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San Diego County wants to expand homeless services to cities throughout the region



San Diego County Chairman of Supervisors Nathan Fletcher has a proposal for city leaders countywide: You provide the shelter space and the county will offer onsite mental health services and public benefits assistance.

"We’re just trying to make it as easily as possible to get things quickly moving," Fletcher said Monday after a meeting with city officials from across the region.

The county offers similar homeless services at existing city of San Diego shelters, but due to the growing need, officials want it to be a regional service.

"For far too long everyone has said 'hey we have to deal with homelessness,' until it actually comes to sighting a facility. Then people get awfully squeamish," Fletcher said. "The reality is we can’t do that. That can't be the way we go as a region ... we've got to be willing to address the situation we face on the streets."

Members of the Board of Supervisors are also voting on May 24 to allocate $10 million in start-up money to help cities launch their own shelter programs.

"My great hope is that we have way more proposals that we can move quickly ... than we have funds available," Fletcher said.

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