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County and City Leaders Ready to Respond Together to Disasters



Leaders from the County and City of San Diego met Wednesday at the County Emergency Operations Center to highlight collaboration and cooperation in responding to regional disasters.

Board Chair Nathan Fletcher, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria and County Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Public Safety Holly Porter toured the center, which becomes a hub for members of different agencies to coordinate actions during emergencies.

Disasters faced by San Diego include wildfires, flooding, earthquakes, oil spills, tsunamis, pandemics and even acts of terrorism.

“We think about how we are ready to respond to any situation that might occur,” said Board Chair Nathan Fletcher. “The folks who come to the emergency operations center, these are the unseen heroes, the folks who coordinate logistics, supplies and water and getting power turned back on and coordinate evacuation routes. And everyday of the year, they are doing planning and exercises and drills to make sure that our region is ready to respond to any situation or any crisis that we face.”

All leaders come together to help with an emergency, bringing “many voices, but one message” through collaboration and coordination.

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