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San Diego County has one one of the highest vaccination rates for COVID-19 in the country, but right now the numbers of cases are rising, and officials are encouraging San Diegans to take advantage of available treatments.  Today, Chair Nathan Fletcher of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, City Councilmember Dr. Jennifer Campbell and health officials from the County and State held a press conference at a Monoclonal Antibody Regional Center (MARC) in Clairmont to highlight available treatment options.  

“San Diego County is a national leader in vaccine distribution and we have been recognized for our efforts to remove barriers to treatment for COVID-19,” said Chair Fletcher. “Together with our partners at the state and city, we have established treatment centers that continue to serve San Diegans as we learn to live with the virus.  As COVID-19 cases rise, we want San Diegans to know there are treatment options, and that our County remains committed to keeping them safe.” 

On February 9, 2021, the County delivered its first monoclonal treatment and any day now the County is expecting to surpass the 10,000th treatment administered. There are MARC locations in Clairmont, Vista,  Hillcrest and Chula Vista open to the public. By making an appointment, patients can receive the most current antiviral pill, or the Monoclonal Antibody Treatment.   

“With COVID cases rising again, San Diegans should know COVID antibody treatments are safe, free thanks to President Biden’s American Rescue Plan and very effective at keeping COVID cases mild,” said Councilmember Campbell. “When we first opened this treatment center in Clairmont, I never imagined I would be a patient here, but it saved my life and I want every San Diego senior to know this effective, free treatment is available to them too.”    

About the Treatments
COVID-19 Treatments can lower the risk of severe illness and hospitalization by nearly 90%. Along with monoclonal antibodies, there is a new host of treatments available. They are:

  • Oral and Intravenous Antivirals that treat COVID,

  • Monoclonal Antibodies that both treat and prevent COVID-19 infection.

  • Antiviral pills, like Paxlovid, that must be started within 5 days of symptoms, and monoclonal antibodies within 7 days

MARC sites are open to all San Diegans, regardless of health insurance or immigration status seven days a week. To make an appointment, call 619-685-2500. To learn more visit:    

Others in attendance at today’s press conference in Clairmont included:

  • Dr. Jennifer M. Tuteur, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, San Diego County Medical Care Services  

  • Kimia Rezai , Special Projects Director, Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) State of California

  • Frank Parra, Chief of Emergency Services, National City Fire Department City of National City

  • Perly Aguinaldo (Pearlie Ag-win- Aldo), an ICU nurse and incoming president of the Philippine Nurses Assn of San Diego.  

  • Dr. Cameron Kaiser, Deputy Public Health Officer, County of San Diego