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Council declares San Diego `Safe City' for reproductive freedom



The San Diego City Council passed a resolution Tuesday declaring San Diego a "safe city for reproductive freedom and access to abortion," a move supporters believe makes it the first city in the nation to do so.

Also Tuesday, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted 3-1 in favor calling on California to add the right to choose to California's constitution, while also ordering a comprehensive assessment of reproductive health care services offered by the county.

Supervisors Terra Lawson-Remer and Nora Vargas introduced the proposal supporting an update to the state constitution to codify the right to choose.

"It is time for California to enshrine the right to choose in our state constitution," Lawson-Remer said. "We cannot stand by as people across our nation are stripped of our rights, and the progress so many have fought for is erased. We can build a firewall in the California state constitution and be a beacon of safe and legal abortion access."

Before voting on Tuesday, Vargas said she remembered fighting for resources and access 25 years ago, "and here we are now, where women may not have access to legal abortion in the United States."

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