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Millions available to help San Diego cities build homeless shelters



The San Diego County Board of Supervisors approved a $10 million grant program Tuesday to help cities build homeless shelters.

"It’s something the county normally does not do in funding safe shelters, safe parking and safe campsites," said San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher. "I think this is an important thing to partner with the cities and realize we have a shared obligation to meet this — and I really look forward to cities stepping up."

The county has also committed to providing behavioral health services for any new shelters. For the next 30 days, county staff will accept shelter funding proposals from across the region. Officials said they want to move quickly and fund projects that are ready to go.

"Shelters solve sleep, housing solves homelessness, but getting people into a shelter can get them engaged with the services they need and help connect them into permanent housing," Fletcher said in support of the proposal.

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