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San Diego County supervisors OK shelter policy for asylum seekers



The San Diego County Board of Supervisors Tuesday unanimously approved a temporary shelter policy to handle asylum-seekers who arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border asking for humanitarian protection.

The board also approved seeking out state and federal reimbursements to pay for shelter services.

With Title 42 immigrant expulsions due for possible termination on May 23, board Chairman Nathan Fletcher and Vice Chairwoman Nora Vargas presented the policy for a subcommittee to address both short-term and long- term solutions for the influx of migrants entering San Diego County.

In a statement after the vote, Fletcher said the vote "puts us in a position to provide the care, compassion and services people will need when they get here."

"San Diego County has established itself as a welcoming community for families seeking asylum," Fletcher said earlier. "Several years ago we demonstrated our ability to work with local partners, stand-up a shelter, provide services and help families make connections to their sponsors; and it is important we are prepared to provide humane support for families coming to San Diego."

Fletcher's office said that between now and when Title 42 is lifted, the county will spend time identifying a location for the asylum shelter and getting it ready for operation.

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