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San Diego County Supervisors OK Sustainability Initiatives, Decarbonization Plan



San Diego County supervisors Wednesday unanimously approved sustainability initiatives, including planting more trees in unincorporated areas, as part of the Regional Decarbonization Framework.

The framework proposes strategies to reduce carbon emissions to net-zero levels no later than 2045, matching the carbon neutrality goal California set in 2018. The county will have to find money to pay for elements of the plan.

The supervisors also unanimously voted to receive an update on the Regional Decarbonization Framework. If it becomes official county policy, the framework goals include:

  • transitioning away from natural gas-powered electricity plants to create more solar and wind electricity plants and potentially upgrading transmission lines;
  • decreasing the miles people travel;
  • increasing the use of mass transit;
  • using electricity rather than natural gas to heat water and spaces, and electric heat pumps instead of furnaces and air conditioners.

Supervisors will consider formally adopting its final three components -- a technical report, a workforce development study and an "Implementation Playbook" of policies -- next spring.

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