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San Diego County Supervisors OK Sustainability Initiatives, Decarbonization Plan


Chair Nathan Fletcher and the other members of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors today passed several actions outlines recommended as part of the County’s Regional Decarbonization Framework, which will help address climate change, sustainability and advance the County toward its zero carbon goals.

After today’s approval by the Board, Chair Fletcher issued the following statement:

“This Board of Supervisors understands the responsibility we have to tackle climate change and advance good jobs in the process; in the past that wasn’t always the case,” said Chair Fletcher. “We are continuing progress on a new roadmap for regional decarbonization. Today we took actions to accelerate these efforts, including to create an equity-driven tree planting program to reduce heat in urban areas; initiatives to increase our climate resiliency, and pilot programs to increase the amount of carbon trapped in soil and plants. These are important steps to eliminate carbon emission and protect our environment; and taking these steps will make our region a better place to live for the next generation.”

To learn more about the Regional Decarbonization Framework, click here.