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All 88 recommendations by a working group to improve the County of San Diego’s Child Welfare Services were completed in March of this year after a rigorous three-year commitment made by Chair Nathan Fletcher and leadership of the department to drive change in and agency that was often maligned for poor execution in years past.  

Today, Chair Nathan Fletcher and the Board of Supervisors accepted the progress report, which included 76% of children in care being placed with all or some siblings, increased support for caregivers, better support for families, expanded County staff capacity and trauma supportive services for staff. 

After today’s vote, Chair Fletcher issues the following statement:

“We made it a priority to drive change in Child Welfare Services because before we began to implement the 88 recommendations, children and families were not receiving the County’s absolute best,” said Chair Fletcher. “We created a model for the Board of Supervisors to take greater accountability, installed new leadership in the department, and systematically started to make the changes that were needed. Now, three-year later, I am very happy we have reached this important milestone in the transformation of the department, but our work is not done.  We must continue to strive for excellence, because the children and families of San Diego County depend on it.”    

Chair Fletcher during his first year in office in 2019, together with then-Supervisor Greg Cox, formed the Child and Family Strengthening Advisory Board, to provide guidance and direction to Child Welfare Services at the County as it worked to implement the 88 specific recommended improvements to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of youth in foster care. 

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