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Board of Supervisors Unanimously Support Anderson and Fletcher’s Efforts Towards Decarbonization



At the October 20th Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Joel Anderson and Chair Nathan Fletcher introduced a joint measure that directed County staff to research alternative forms of renewable energy, as part of the Regional Decarbonization Framework effort. Today’s action is the first step in exploring other types of renewable resources with the goal of reducing carbon emissions.

County staff were directed to coordinate with local universities, research institutions, and other federal, State, and local entities to research the best forms of alternative renewable energy for San Diego County. These alternative energy forms could include but are not limited to, wave energy, offshore wind farms, and geothermal energy.

“I am thankful to Chair Fletcher for partnering with me on this important measure,” Supervisor Joel Anderson shared. He added, “Renewable energy technology is evolving rapidly, and the power of Pacific Ocean could be used to meet our goal to decarbonize the region.”

“Tackling climate change, improving air quality, and supporting renewable energy projects will create a more sustainable future in San Diego County,” said Nathan Fletcher, Chair, San Diego County Board of Supervisors. “The actions we took today will help move us close to achieving our regional decarbonization goals, and also advancing local opportunities for the green economy. I am thankful this Board of Supervisors is prioritizing environmental justice.”

The effort received praise from the Climate Collaborative, Cleantech, and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). Gretchen Newsom, Political Director for the IBEW 569 chapter, called into the board meeting and shared, “These clean energy projects should always be researched with the eye of lowering greenhouse gas emissions while creating good local jobs.”

Including research into more alternative energy projects as part of the Regional Decarbonization Framework will increase the County of San Diego’s effort of shifting towards a green economy, prioritizing local high-road job creation, and addressing environmental and economic disparities.