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Today the San Diego County Board of Supervisors passed common-sense gun safety legislation introduced by Chair Nathan Fletcher and Supervisors Terra Lawson-Remer by a vote of 3-2, with Supervisors Jim Desmond and Joel Anderson voting against it.       

“Today we took a strong step forward in our fight against eliminating gun violence in neighborhoods,” said Chair Fletcher. “Stricter gun safety rules on ghost gun purchases and manufacturing, along with common sense guidelines on safe gun storage, will help to make San Diego a safer community for our residents and visitors. In addition, the investment we make in gun violence prevention will be vital to keeping children and families safe by preventing unnecessary deaths to firearms.”

"The dangerous loophole that allows ghost guns to be manufactured in our community is starting to close today thanks to this common-sense safety reform,” said Supervisor Lawson-Remer. “The production of untraceable and unregistered firearms represents a new and urgent threat to our public safety, and with this vote, we are creating new tools to help limit their creation. I am grateful to my fellow supervisors including my coauthor, Chair Nathan Fletcher, for taking decisive action."

The Board of Supervisors’ vote on the will creating an ordinance that will return in 90 days to the Board of Supervisors with:

  • Updated definitions regarding firearms, including defining “ghost guns,” precursor parts for such guns and unserialized parts and guns, 
  • Prohibitions on the possession or distribution of unserialized parts used in the creation or possession of ghost guns,  
  • Prohibitions on 3D printing of unserialized firearms or precursor parts, and 
  • New safe firearm storage standards.

In the next 120 days, staff will bring back to the Board options for community-based gun violence reduction and disruption programs after connecting with the community to help develop the program. 

Taking “ghost guns” off the streets and disrupting the cycle of violence afflicting communities aligns with Chair Nathan Fletcher’s Framework for the Future of San Diego County. The Framework prioritizes communities and populations in San Diego that have been historically left behind. Through this Framework, Chair Fletcher is fighting for racial justice, health equity, economic opportunity, environmental protection, government transparency, and fundamental changes to county operations.