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San Diego County to Invest In More Wildfire Mitigation & Preparedness Resources



Chair Nathan Fletcher, and his colleagues on the Board of Supervisors,  voted in support of three policies to increase the County’s investment in wildfire mitigation and preparedness. 

The Board today supported plans to: 

  1. Maintain and preserve defensible space around homes and other structures by increasing the number of inspections and conducting robust community outreach, which required an increase of staffing by five;  
  2. Actively ensuring there is enough space along roads that emergency vehicles and get through and so that residents can evacuate efficiently during the time of emergency; and  
  3. Examine increasing the number of Heli-Hydrants across the county.  A Heli-Hydrant can hold up to 5,000 gallons of water and can be used by water-dropping helicopters to fill their tanks and can be strategically placed in areas where they can be accessed with ease by helicopter pilots.    

“Making the investment to increase our staffing and equipment capacity so we can effectively fight wildfires is critical to ensuring communities are protected,” said Chair Fletcher, President of the San Diego County Fire Protection District and Chair of the Unified Disaster Council. “Climate change and droughts increase the threat that major fires will be sparked, and with the investments we are making, I want residents to know we are ready to respond.”

In July, Chair Fletcher highlighted during a fire preparedness press conference how the County has invested more than $575 million to expand its firefighting capacity of the last 18 years, noted some key investments made in the last budget, and committed the County would make more investments as the year progressed.