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Supervisor Fletcher Introduces Policy for Inclusive Employment Program at County


Supervisor Nathan Fletcher will introduce legislation Tuesday for the development of an inclusive employment program at the County of San Diego for people with intellectual disabilities. The Board will vote on the policy during the regularly scheduled Board meeting on May 21. 

Supervisor Fletcher’s inspiration for this policy proposal is a 35-year-old San Diegan whose name is Raymond G. Bariuan but goes by “Jay.” He has autism. Jay was one of Supervisor Fletcher’s first hires when he was in the California State Assembly. After working in the Assembly for four years, Jay went to work for Senator Marty Block. Jay now works two days a week in Supervisor Fletcher’s District 4 Office at the County Administration Center. He performs duties that include filing, research and database entry and management.

“Jay’s contributions to our office go beyond his productivity,” said Supervisor Fletcher. “I’ve seen firsthand the amount of joy and love he brings to our team. His positive attitude and the way he engages with members of our team and others at the county makes people smile and positively impacts our culture. Jay is an important part of our family.”

“I strongly believe people with disabilities can be integral and valuable members of the workforce,” Supervisor Fletcher continued. “Every person with a disability who wants to work should have the opportunity to work.”

The Board on Tuesday will vote on “Jay’s Program: Supporting Inclusive Employment Opportunities” to direct the Chief Administrative Officer to:

●        Develop an enhanced employment program within the County for individuals with disabilities across multiple departments and identify a funding mechanism to sustain it; and

●        Return to the Board with a status update including potential external partnerships and program design by July 2019.

Jay is affiliated with the San Diego-based non-profit organization Partnerships With Industry (PWI). Their mission is to “create win-win partnerships between San Diego County businesses and adults with disabilities who want to work.”

A study done by the University of Massachusetts said: 62% of adults with intellectual disabilities that are employed have had their job for more than three years, but only 44% of adults with intellectual disabilities aged 21-64 are in the labor force.