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Chair Fletcher & Board of Supervisors Take Action to Build Housing and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions



Chair Nathan Fletcher, and his colleagues on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, by a vote of 3-2, passed a measure to accelerate new housing development in key growth areas, and permanently exempt affordable housing development from Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) costs throughout the unincorporated region, and bring the county into compliance with state environmental and land use laws. 

“Today we took action to ensure we build more housing and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as it is imperative that we do both,” said Chair Fletcher. “Our action today greenlights 4,000 new housing units without any VMT associated costs, ensures affordable housing development without VMT related costs even in the furthest corners of our county, and brings us into compliance with state law.”   

Today’s Board action: 

  • Greenlights and exempts more than 4,000 housing units from VMT costs,

  • Allows any affordable housing to be built without VMT mitigation costs anywhere in the unincorporated areas,

  • Drives unprecedented residential development in the areas best positioned for near-term growth,  

  • Aligns housing development plans with state and local air quality and emissions goals,

  • Puts the county on a path to establish a long-term VMT mitigation strategy to ensure continued housing development in unincorporated areas, and  

  • None of the actions taken today impact housing or land use in any of the 18 incorporated cities in San Diego County. This action only applies to the unincorporated regions of San Diego County. 

Today’s breakthrough stands in stark contrast to the housing record of previous boards. While prior boards touted housing development, the County averaged less than 600 housing units constructed annually in the seven years prior to Chair Fletcher’s joining the Board in 2019.