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Community gardens to get $7 million from county



Community gardens will get $7 million toward their operations, after the county Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to spend that amount on local food projects.

The board unanimously approved using the money from the American Rescue Plan Act to improve access to healthy food in San Diego neighborhoods. Board Chair Nathan Fletcher said the investment could reduce food insecurity and improve environmental conditions.

“It can help get people fresh produce. It’s a wonderful engagement tool (to keep) seniors and others staying active,” Fletcher said. “It can have an environmental benefit of not having to truck things and ship things or go to grocery stores and buy them.”

As part of the action, the board also approved spending $1 million on a plan to create a “sustainable, equitable and local food sourcing program” for the county’s food distribution programs. Those include meals for people in hospitals or detention centers, seniors, foster youth and people with HIV/AIDS, as well as food sold through the county’s cafeterias and vending services.

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