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Sheriff Bill Gore announces early retirement, starting next month



Sheriff Bill Gore announced Wednesday that he is retiring several months earlier than expected, bringing his 51-year career in law enforcement — including more than 12 as the head of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department — to a close.

Ultimately, the county Board of Supervisors will have the final say on Gore’s interim replacement. After the sheriff’s announcement Wednesday, Fletcher said in a statement that he intended to call a special meeting in March — after the election filing deadline — to consider who will serve the remainder of Gore’s term.

Fletcher said he does not believe the interim sheriff should be a candidate in this year’s election.

“The voters are poised to make a very consequential decision on who they want to be our next Sheriff, and it would be inappropriate for us to put our thumb on the scale this close to the election by appointing a person who is a candidate for Sheriff,” Fletcher said.

Martinez said in a statement Wednesday afternoon that she would not seek appointment to the interim position when it becomes available in a few months.

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