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Today, Nathan Fletcher was unanimously voted by his colleagues to again serve as Chair of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. It’s been 74 years since a San Diego County Supervisor served consecutive years as Chair of the Board.  

During brief remarks made after the vote, Chair Fletcher said, 

“I want to thank my colleagues for again selecting me to serve as Chair of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors…and I want to thank the people of San Diego County for your trust and your toughness through challenging times.

“The struggles we have endured together these past few years are significant—pandemic, recession, division. We’ve endured. We’ve carried on. We are moving ahead. 

“We will make it through a few more difficult weeks, but know your county government will never lose its focus on fighting for all of you. 

“A County You Can Count On, that must be our vision, our mission, and our focus this year. To be a county working families can count on. A county that will spend 2022 focused on implementation, execution, and action. Fighting for the working class, tackling homelessness, housing, and keeping our neighborhoods safe.” 

The decision to re-elect Chair Fletcher to lead the Board of Supervisors happened during the regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors meeting. The motion was made by Vice Chair Nora Vargas and as part of the unanimous vote, Vice Chair Vargas was re-elected to serve another year in her role, and Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer, after a friendly amendment by Supervisor Joel Anderson, will now serve as Chair Pro Tem.    

Prior to Chair Fletcher, the last County Supervisor to serve as Chair in consecutive years was DeGraff Austin (1947-48).  

In addition to his responsibilities as Chair of the Board of Supervisors, Chair Fletcher will also serve on the following Board and Commissions for 2022: 

  • Child and Family Strengthening Advisory Board 

  • First 5 Commission (Chair)

  • Harry Griffen Regional Park JPA

  • San Diego County Behavioral Health Advisory Board

  • County Administration Center Building Occupancy/Waterfront Park

  • Fiscal Management & Budget Strategy Subcommittee

  • San Diego County Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council

  • Metropolitan Transit System Board (Chair)

  • Unified San Diego County Disaster Council (Chair)

  • Polinsky Children’s Center/San Pasqual Academy

  • San Diego Regional Building Authority

  • Tobacco Securitization JPA – Sacramento

  • Tobacco Securitization JPA- San Diego

  • COVID-19 Issues Ad Hoc Subcommittee