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Shelter for homeless people with addictions, mental health issues nears opening



Aiming to help one of the most challenging homeless populations on the street, officials from the city and county of San Diego on Wednesday gave a preview of a soon-to-open shelter that will serve people with addiction and mental health issues.

The county has committed $1.4 million annually for five years for the shelter, and the city invested $1.7 million this year and will invest about $2.1 million annually to operate the shelter, which is at a former Pier One Imports about a half-mile east of the Pechanga Arena.

Fletcher, Gloria and McElroy acknowledged that residents and businesses are concerned about the impact homelessness has in their community, and they want the city and government to do more.

McElroy said he knows there still are hundreds of people living in poor conditions on the street, and he sees the new shelter as a way for many to have a new, better life.

“It’s cold out there,” he said. “It was raining yesterday. There are folks out there who have no idea their lives are going to change because of this facility.”

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