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Chair Nathan Fletcher and the San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted 5 to 0 today to move forward several harm reduction drug treatment projects being undertaken by the County’s Behavioral Health Services. Earlier this year, Chair Fletcher won the support of his colleagues to give the Behavioral Health Services team more authority to implement industry best practices to help San Diegans manage their addiction to opioids and other debilitating substances. 

“Everyone knows someone whose life has been impacted by addiction and earlier this year we passed a landmark policy to launch a series of programs designed to tackle addiction and substance abuse.  These offerings include strategies proven effective like a syringe services program and making overdose reversal medication readily available. With today’s vote we are giving our teams the ability to provide drug treatment at City of San Diego shelters, purchase more supplies and hire more staff to help with the implementation of behavioral health services, ” said Chair Fletcher. “Ignoring the prevalence of drug use in our community does nothing to put San Diegans on a steady road to recovery; San Diego County is taking action to put our drug treatment experts in a position to help residents beat addiction.”  

The County of San Diego has ordered and received 3,900 naloxone kits, and has distributed 271 kits. Another order for 2,400 kits has been placed and arrangements are being made to ensure the County is receiving regular deliveries of the life-saving naloxone kits. 

Today the Board’s vote on Item #22 included approvals to:

  • Seek contractors to help support the County’s naloxone distribution services;
  • Seek contractors to provide behavioral health services at the Palm Avenue Wellness and Recovery Center, which provides transitional housing, recuperative care, and other healthcare needs that will serve around 1200 people annually;
  • Authorize the County to enter into agreements to provide services at the Palm Avenue wellness and Recovery Center;
  • Add five full-time people to help with service implementation