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Mental health teams that respond to emergencies in lieu of police will soon be available countywide



Behavioral health teams that can respond to mental health and substance use emergencies instead of police will be available to all county residents starting Wednesday, officials announced.

“Mobile Crisis Response Teams are part of our ongoing implementation of better mental health and addiction treatment services to help put San Diegans on a path to recovery,” Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said in a statement. “In a short period of time, MCRTs are proving to be a success, but as the program continues to roll out we will make adjustments and efficiencies to ensure we’re continuously making progress with helping our residents.”

Currently, people can reach Mobile Crisis Response Teams through the county’s Access and Crisis Line at (888) 724-7240. Law enforcement agencies can get in touch with the teams, as well, should officers respond to a mental health emergency that they aren’t needed at. Residents in Chula Vista and National City can also get connected to MCRTs by calling 911, a feature officials are working to implement countywide.

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