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Board of Supes Propose Changes to Rules of Procedure



The San Diego Board of Supervisors will hold a special meeting on November 10 at 2 P.M. to discuss and approve new changes to the Rules of Procedure. The Rules of Procedure are guidelines in place that must be followed during the Board meeting and dictate how the meeting should be conducted.

Chair Nathan Fletcher and Supervisor Nora Vargas wrote the proposal for changes, citing a rise in disruptive and hateful behavior during recent Board meetings. The board letter they wrote can beĀ read here. The proposal comes after a turbulent meeting held on November 2, 2021, where a public commenter hurled racist and violent remarks towards the Board of Supervisors.

The board letter states that a rise in hate speech has stalled public engagement at Board meetings, compromising the ability for all members of the public to speak during the public comment period. The proposed changes aim to create a more equitable space for the public to speak and engage with the Board in a productive way.

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