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Chair Nathan Fletcher Responds to Comments Made at Board of Supervisors Meeting



We should all be outraged by the comments made at yesterday’s meeting. It is unfortunate that some commenters at our Board of Supervisors meetings have taken an escalating low road in attacking county staff and members of the board and creating a hostile and unproductive environment to conduct the people’s business. As San Diegans, we are better than that. 

We will be assessing our legal and procedural options to enact changes to best ensure a welcoming and productive environment for the public to attend and participate in our meetings while ensuring county staff are not subject to a hostile work environment. This includes reviewing current board meeting policies and procedures while ensuring we adhere to applicable open meeting laws and respecting the public’s first amendment rights.

We will always remain welcoming of dissent, disagreement and criticism but clearly things have to change in our long-standing rules and procedures around public comment.  Any changes to be considered must be formally noticed, openly debated, and voted on by the board of supervisors before being implemented.