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Board of Supervisors Supports County Employees on the Clock Volunteerism for Annual Point in Time Count



The San Diego County Board of Supervisors today passed a policy introduced by Chair Nathan Fletcher and Vice Chair Nora Vargas to participate in the annual Point in Time County initiative while on County time. 

“We can tackle the Homeless Crisis in an efficient and effective way if more people get involved. We All Count, helps the Regional Task Force on the Homeless and service providers across our region determine how many unsheltered individuals are living on our streets and how to best help them,” said Chair Fletcher. “The information volunteers gather is then used to acquire federal funding, come up with new solutions to help people get off the streets and into more stable environments.  


“I’m especially proud of our county employees’ commitment to this initiative year after year. During the last count, more than 550 County workers came out to help, and I expect we will meet, if not exceed that total in 2022.”

As Vice Chair for the Regional Task Force on Homelessness’ Continuum of Care Advisory Board, Vice Chair Vargas is working to ensure barriers are removed and the region’s unsheltered population has access to the wraparound services they need.

“The data provided by the point-in-time count is vitally important to our work to end homelessness,” said Vice Chair Vargas. “This is necessary to get an accurate reflection of our houseless population, so we can address the issue through a more holistic approach. This annual count is made possible by hundreds of volunteers, including our county employees, whose one-day participation can lead to more funding to serve our unhoused neighbors.”