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San Diego County Details Mental Health Spending



The county’s efforts to overhaul its behavioral health systems includes $218.6 million in state mental health funding that covered services for 71,000 people this fiscal year, county officials reported Tuesday.

It aims to reduce what officials refer to as a revolving door of emergency room visits and psychiatric holds, in which mentally ill or addicted people are repeatedly treated for mental health crises, stabilized and released. Without consistent follow-up, many fall out of contact with mental health providers and experience subsequent mental health emergencies.

San Diego County Behavioral Health Director Luke Bergmann said this year’s funding will include $53 million to help pay for special needs housing; $28.8 million for “Project One for All,” which connects patients to housing, mental health and substance abuse treatment and case management; and $115 million for “No Place Like Home,” which provides permanent housing for adults and children with mental illness.

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