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Nathan Fletcher takes over as head of San Diego MTS board, vows to fight for transit upgrades


See excerpts from San Diego Union Tribune article by Joshua Emerson Smith  

County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher took over as head of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System Board of Directors on Thursday.

Fletcher comes into power at a pivotal time for the agency, which is gearing up to put a sales-tax increase before voters on the November 2020 ballot.

Fletcher said he plans to campaign hard for the tax measure, which he argues, would benefit not just transit riders but car commuters, who would see fewer vehicles on the road as the result of an expanded transit system.

“It’s incumbent on me to go out and make the case to those that may never use transit why it’s in their interest,” he said, adding: “There’s an inherent sense of fairness to helping people who depend on transit, and it has the greatest potential to reduce congestion.”