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Body of father killed in Tijuana coming home to USA


Excerpts from CBS 8 story 

Help has arrived for the family of a U.S. citizen who was murdered in a Tijuana mass killing.

San Diegans donated enough money over the weekend to bring Phillip Caldwell's body back home to the United States. Meanwhile, Dulce Rosario and her three children arrived Tuesday morning for their appointment with an ICE agent at the federal building downtown.

On Friday, San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher launched a GoFundMe page to help the family raise money to transport Caldwell's body back to Alabama.

“You want to hug the kids and tell the mom it's going to be okay. And this just seems like small step we can take to try and do that,” said Supervisor Fletcher.

Dozens of people donated – raising almost $4,000 – including a $1,000 donation by the CEO of Manpower of San Diego, Mel Katz.

The Spielman Family Foundation also stepped up, donating the remainder of the money needed for mortuary and funeral services in San Diego and air transportation for final burial in Alabama.

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