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Supervisors Fletcher, Cox Launch Clean Air for All Grant Campaign, Announce


Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and Vice Chairman Greg Cox alongside officials from the California Air Resources Board today launched the County of San Diego’s new Clean Air for All Campaign and announced $28.5 million being awarded from the California Air Resources Board and the State to help businesses, nonprofits and government agencies swap their polluting heavy machinery and equipment for electric, and low carbon emission alternatives.

“I am proud that, in my first year on the California Air Resources Board, we are able to draw in a significant amount of funding from the State to tackle a key priority for San Diego residents - improving air quality,” said Supervisor Fletcher. 

Today’s Clean Air for All campaign kick-off took place at the County Administration Center with officials standing in front of heavy-duty equipment and vehicles. Joining Supervisors Fletcher and Cox to present the check to fund the Clean Air for All campaign was Sydney Vergis, Assistant Chief of Mobile Source Division for the California Air Resources Board. 

“We are launching a Clean Air for All grant campaign with $28.5 million in California Air Resources Board and state funds to help nonprofits, businesses, government agencies replace their dirty emissions equipment and vehicles with electric, and low carbon emission alternatives,” Supervisor Fletcher continued. “The Clean Air for All campaign is another important action we’re taking to tackle climate change, and improve air quality. I will continue working in my capacity as San Diego’s advocate on the Air Resources Board to ensure that we are providing resources to help our business community address climate change and air quality.”

Supervisor Cox said, “We want San Diegans to breathe cleaner air. This funding will help do that by removing old, pollution spewing vehicles and equipment from the roads.”

San Diego County is receiving funds through California Climate Investments, a statewide initiative that puts billions of Cap-and-Trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy, and improving public health and the environment – particularly in disadvantaged communities.

“We’re pleased to help support the efforts of Supervisor Fletcher and others who are committed to cleaning up the air in the San Diego region,” said Vergis. “The funding, much of it cap-and-trade funding through the statewide California Climate Investments initiative, will help supply cleaner vehicles and support sustainable transit and mobility so no matter where you are in the county, we can all breathe cleaner air.”

How to Apply

For the next 45 days, businesses, nonprofits and government agencies can apply for Clean Air for All grants. Air Pollution Control District (APCD) team members have already started outreach to potential participants. They also have a workshop coming up on August 27 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Barrio Logan (San Diego Continuing Education César E. Chávez Campus, 1901 Main Street, San Diego, 92112) where potential applicants can find out more information about the program and get help with their applications.

Businesses, nonprofits or government agencies can apply for a grant from the Clean Air for All campaign. Project grant applications must be completed and submitted via the APCD’s online application portal ( APCD staff will be available to assist applicants.

The types of organizations that should apply include:

●        Trucking/freight companies

●        Equipment rental companies

●        General contractors & construction companies

●        Aggregate industry (sand/gravel & concrete suppliers)

●        Tugboat businesses

●        Fishing vessel businesses (sport fishing tours, etc.)

●        Farms, dairies, & nurseries

●        Locomotive operators

●        K-12 Schools, for projects such as classroom filtration, electric school buses

●        Stationary industrial sources subject to air quality permits (e.g., factories) for projects that replace highly polluting stationary equipment

APCD will evaluate and select projects that meet applicable requirements of the California Air Resources Board. In the fall, applications will be evaluated. In the winter, projects will be selected, and those grant recipients will enter into contracts. In summer 2020 (or thereafter), the APCD will disburse the grant funds.

"These grant funds are a positive solution to the air pollution challenge,” Said Robert Kard, County of San Diego’s Air Pollution Control District Officer. “The County encourages organizations to apply so we can achieve clean air and protect public health in disadvantaged communities and throughout the region.”

Committed to Improving Air Quality

The Clean Air for All campaign is the latest action taken by Supervisor Fletcher, with the support of Vice Chairman Cox, to improve air quality. Earlier this year Supervisor Fletcher introduced policies that will reduce emissions from stationary polluters, create infrastructure to support electric vehicles and support local renewable generation from a community choice energy program.