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Supervisor Fletcher’s Budget Actions Brought More Funding to Community Priorities


Supervisor Nathan Fletcher demonstrated leadership, a commitment to transparency and addressed the needs of the community during his first budget as a member of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors. He quickly moved to reinstate evening budget hearings, conducted extensive outreach across District 4 and advocated for more county staffing and expanded services in the $6.25 billion budget.

Today the Board of Supervisors approved a budget for Fiscal Years 2019-2020 & 2020-2021 that includes: 441 new full-time positions across the County enterprise, the majority of those in the Health and Human Services Agency with significant increases in positions and services in the areas of Child Welfare Services, Behavioral Health Services, Veterans, Aging and Independence Services, and Youth Development.

“We took action to identify critical needs, listened to the community’s priorities and then worked tirelessly to allocate funds toward the services, programs and new positions that will deliver the greatest benefit to the people we serve,” said Supervisor Fletcher. “With this budget there will be 177 more behavioral health beds; 143 more behavioral health workers, 125 social workers for child welfare, funding for immigrant legal services, and so much more.”  

Supervisor Fletcher said, “the progress made in a very short period of time, during our first budget cycle is significant, but none of it would have been possible without the support of my colleagues, participation of residents, and the hard work of our county employees -- thank you for making your voices and ideas heard.” 

The additional items in the 2019-2020 & 2020-2021 budget Supervisor Fletcher fought hard to support and secure include:

●        125 Child Welfare Services positions.

●        143.5 Behavioral Health Services positions, 177 long-term beds and a total behavioral health budget of $708 million, a $54.7 increase over last year. Significant expansion of inpatient, outpatient and prevention services.

●        11 Housing and Community Development Services positions. This staff will help ensure 600-700 affordable and permanent supportive units are expeditiously brought on-line in District 4; and $25 million was added to Innovative Housing Trust Fund.

●         29 Aging and Independence Services positions. These positions will support Alzheimer’s crisis intervention and long-term support to families, Adult Protective Services, In-Home Support Services, and Public Conservator.

●        27.5 Public Health Nurses and oversight positions, plus an extra $1 million was added to support services in this area.   

●        4 Veteran services positions.

●         5 Administrative and facility support service positions for Health and Human Services.

●        6 Homeless services positions.

●        15 self-sufficiency outreach positions to enroll people in vital County services.

●        1 Environmental Grant Writer.

●        1 Certified Nutritionist. The County provides more than one million meals countywide.

●        1 additional attorney and 4 support staff for the Fresh Start Program. This program puts ex-offenders directly in touch with a Public Defender who is working to determine if they are eligible to have their criminal record cleared.

●        1 additional Refugee Health Coordinator to collaborate with State and internal and external stakeholders on serving newly arrived refugee populations in the region.

●        $200,000 to the Office of Public Defender to provide specialized immigration counsel to those in legal proceedings.

●        $300,000 to expand the San Diego Nights Program to 10 more locations where we have higher rates of juvenile delinquency and poverty.

●        $160,000 for University of California Cooperative Extension Outreach to develop basic information, outreach and training resources related to climate-resilient agriculture.

●        3 new staff to support the Climate Action Plan (CAP) implementation.

●        In the Parks and Recreation budget, the CAP program includes: $2.0 M for Comprehensive Tree Canopy Program to meet the County GHG emission reduction targets by planting 3,500 trees. Also $870k for Community Plan Updates, $410k for Expanded PACE program, $300k for Ordinance & Policy Development, $230k for Monitoring, Reporting & Updating the CAP and $248k for Building Division staff (2) for 24 months and then funded by fees.

●         In Air Pollution Control District budget, the following CAP programs were included: $500k for Local Vehicle Retirement Program, $500k for the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program and $1.2 million for incentive grants through the FARMER program to replace high polluting. agricultural equipment.

●        $7 million to preserve habitat and species.

●        $300K for enhanced beach water quality testing and monitoring.

●        9 additional Air Pollution Control District positions and $19 million in funds for Community Air Protection Program for Portside Environmental Justice Communities.

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