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County to vote Wednesday on pursuing regulatory process to lower toxic air pollutants threshold


Excerpts from San Diego Union-Tribune article written by Charles Clark  

The proposal, put forward by Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, calls on the Air Pollution Control District to closer evaluate and lower the toxic air pollutant threshold, which is required under state law and set by individual Air Pollution Control Districts related to the connection between air pollutants and cancer risk.

“We are going to make a choice,” Fletcher said in an interview. “Do we believe as a county we should take a positive step to reduce risk of cancer causing pollutants being emitted into the air or do we not? This is a very reasonable step to try and protect residents from what is the leading cause of death in San Diego County.”

The proposal from Fletcher appears to be the first time a regulatory change for the county’s Air Pollution Control District is being put forth by a supervisor, and comes just a month after the American Lung Association rated the Greater San Diego area as having the sixth worst ozone pollution in the country. It is the fifth year in a row the region has received that distinction.

Fletcher, an appointee by the governor to the state’s California Air Resources Board, said he hopes to see the county and state pursue a variety of strategies to help address air quality but Wednesday’s action would be an important step in the right direction. He added that it would bring the county more in line with other regions throughout the state.

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