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Supervisors Fletcher & Cox Unveiled New Air Quality Monitoring Program


County Supervisors Nathan Fletcher and Greg Cox on Friday unveiled a new mobile air monitoring vehicle and plans for as many as 15 stationary air quality monitors in the portside communities of Barrio Logan, Logan Heights, Sherman Heights and parts of National City.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently awarded the County of San Diego Air Pollution Control District $2.5 million for implementation of the Community Air Protection Program, which will enable, for the first time, the County to monitor localized, ground level air pollutants.

Supervisor Fletcher, appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to the California Air Resources Board, during a press conference at Chicano Park said, “I take seriously our obligation to ensure clean air for all San Diegans. If we can monitor it, we can better address it. And we can hold ourselves accountable for action. The new monitors are an example of how San Diego can be a leader.”

Supervisor Cox, who represents the portside communities being studied, said, “The data collected through the mobile monitoring will help us identify where we should be placing air pollution monitors in the community and identify hot spots that we may need to investigate immediately.”

This new technology from Aclima, driving block-by-block to monitor pollution, will help officials prioritize where to control sources of air pollution. Residents in the portside communities have some of the highest asthma rates in the state. Approximately 70% of the air pollution is emitted by mobile sources (trains, marine vessels, aircraft, construction equipment and motor vehicles of all kinds). San Diego County recently received a failing grade for air quality from the American Lung Association.       

Others in attendance during the press conference included Sandy Naranjo of Mother’s Out Front, Joy Williams of the Environmental Health Coalition, San Diego Port Commissioner Rafael Castellanos, members of the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District, and members of the community.

About the Mobile Air Monitoring Contractor: Aclima

●       Leveraging breakthrough mobile sensing technology, the Aclima air quality mapping and analysis platform provides next-generation diagnostics of critical air pollutants — from CO2 and ozone to particulate matter — at unprecedented block-by-block resolution.

●       Aclima provides a granular view of emissions and enables management of air pollution and fugitive emissions at an urban scale and at the street level.

●       San Diego County Air Pollution Control District is working with Aclima to map hyperlocal air quality in environmental justice communities to support monitoring and emissions reduction efforts outlined in AB 617.

●Aclima helped pioneer new science on hyperlocal air pollution with a peer-reviewed, scientific study that revealed how air pollution levels can vary five to eight times along a city street. This study and mapping effort was the first of its kind and demonstrated the value of community-centric, hyperlocal monitoring.

● Aclima is currently deployed and mapping San Diego air quality at the street-level and will present the findings from the measurement campaign to the District in June.