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Nathan Fletcher: Fletcher calls for about-face on plans for Hillcrest property


Excerpts from San Diego Union-Tribune article 

On Wednesday, County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher will ask his colleagues to kill current plans to build condominiums on an out-of-the-way piece of government property in Hillcrest and instead build a new structure that could house much-needed behavioral health services.

Located on Third Avenue on a spit of land that forms the jagged edge of the bluff that overlooks Mission Valley, the dilapidated property has been vacant for a decade but once housed abused and neglected children taken from their homes by the county.

The view makes the county’s current plan to lease the ground to a developer for a condo project seem like the most lucrative option. But Fletcher, whose district includes most of the City of San Diego, makes the case that housing is not the best use of land situated within walking distance of UC San Diego Medical Center and Scripps Mercy Hospital, facilities that struggle to keep up with patient demand for psychiatric services.

Fletcher noted that the redevelopment plan for the property currently does not call for affordable housing and argues that it should serve a public purpose.

“It’s a public asset, and I believe the biggest public policy challenge we face in San Diego is not a shortage of luxury condos; it’s a shortage of mental health treatment facilities,” Fletcher said.

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