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Q&A: Supervisor Nathan Fletcher explains why San Diegans need to drive less


Excerpts from San Diego Union-Tribune article 

Newly sworn-in San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher has quickly positioned himself to be a major player on one of the state’s most contentious issues — how much people drive.

Seemingly overnight he has the political platform to try to make his vision a reality. In his capacity of supervisor, he’s sits on the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System’s Board of Directors, the San Diego Association of Government’s Transportation Committee and the governing board for the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District.

Most notably, he was appointed by Gov. Gavin Newsom several weeks ago to serve on the powerful California Air Resources Board. The agency is the top air-quality cop in the state, overseeing everything from the cap-and-trade program to emissions limits on freight equipment to caps on greenhouse gases from commuter cars.

Q: What are your top priorities? What are the issues you’re looking at right now?

A: When you look at San Diego, we’re at this inflection point. We’ve kind of been this sleepy beach town where our highest priority has been getting conventions and being a vacation destination with a more rural mindset, more conservative past. I think we have a more progressive future, and I think we have a more urban future. 


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