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Nathan Fletcher Proposes Assistance To Asylum Seekers As First Act On Board Of Supervisors


Excerpts from KPBS story

Nathan Fletcher is now the lone Democrat sitting on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

He was sworn in on Monday.

Fletcher represents District 4 on the board of supervisors. The district includes most of the central city of San Diego from La Jolla to downtown, from Ocean Beach to Encanto.

Fletcher joined KPBS Midday Edition on Monday after he was sworn in to talk about his priorities on the board.

Below is a transcript of that interview lightly edited for clarity:

Q: One of your first acts as supervisor will be to vote on ways that the county can assist asylum seekers. Why do you think the county should weigh in on this?

A: Well the reality is I believe humane treatment of individuals knows no border. I believe that regardless of your country of birth, of your ethnicity, that we share a common dignity. We're all God's children. And I think that we should treat these folks with dignity and respect they deserve. I also think it's important to note that all of these individuals we're talking about have followed federal immigration law exactly as prescribed. They have a legal status to be here and they have families that are willing to shelter and house and feed them as they go through the immigration process. And so what we're talking about is having the county step up in partnership with the city and the state and to a lesser extent the federal government to make sure we're protecting public health, to make sure these individuals are being screened and vaccinated and make sure they're of good health, but also helping facilitate their travel to their family. Because we run a risk if we don't do this. That these individuals could become stranded in San Diego and could wander into our already overcrowded homeless shelters. And so for humanitarian reasons, but also for local concerns, as it relates to addressing the homeless issue, I think it's important the county step up and play a leadership role with these other government entities in making sure we address this issue.


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