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Supervisor Fletcher Visits San Carlos Area Council Meeting


See the full article by Jeff Clemetson in the San Carlos Times Courier.

"Fletcher related details about his upbringing in Arkansas where his working-class family struggled to make ends meet, his father working in a paper plant, and his mom working in a battered women’s shelter. They were not wealthy but young Nathan never missed a meal and he had a great education. He then signed up for the military where he learned a lot about life and fighting and running to those who needed help.

"After his military career, he became involved in politics so he could change the system from within. He asked himself, 'How can we have a system where veterans can survive combat but not the peace that follows? How can our government fund all kinds of weapons but not support the veterans?' He started a nonprofit and raised $1,000. Then he found out San Diego County was sitting on $168 million of unspent mental health funds and his anger motivated him to become more involved in helping veterans, including those who are deported after being promised citizenship. Fletcher also gave a shout-out to some older veterans in the room. 'The Vietnam veterans made things easier for my generation of soldiers, as we get thanked and apologized to in their stead.'"