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Supervisor Fletcher Calls on County Sheriff to Change Policy on Controversial Restraint Techniques


Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, in an act of unity with today’s announcement by the City of San Diego Police Department, is calling on the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to change its policy on the use of the carotid restraint and make clear that chokeholds are not an allowable practice. Supervisor Fletcher issued the following statement:  

“Today I am asking Sheriff Bill Gore to align policies around carotid restraint to be consistent with the San Diego Police Department and make clear that the chokehold technique is not an allowable practice.

“I commend San Diego City Councilmember Monica Montgomery and Council President Georgette Gomez for their leadership in driving this policy change. The inequities we see across communities are real. The impact this is having on our communities of color are real. 

“We do best when we put in place policies that acknowledge the inequities in our society and commit ourselves to equipping law enforcement officers with the training, tools, and standards needed to hold true to the spirit of protect and serve.”   

An analysis done by the San Diego Union Tribune says the San Diego Police Department used the carotid restraint in 574 cases between 2013 and 2018; and it was used by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department 474 times during the same period.  California Department of Justice data from 2018 shows that people of color were two times more likely to be put into chokehold restraints than white folks across the nation.