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Supervisor Fletcher, County Board Join Coalition Requesting $2B be added to State Budget for Housing & Homelessness Resources


Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, and the Board of Supervisors, today voted to join a coalition of government and nonprofit partners in supporting a $2 billion budget request to the State of California for ongoing housing and homelessness programming. The coalition’s goal is for Californians brought indoors in response to COVID-19 not to return to being homeless. The Board voted 5-0 during its virtual emergency meeting at 4 p.m. on April 9, 2020.   

“We have risen to the occasion to protect unsheltered individuals during this coronavirus crisis, but now is the time to prepare to keep them from going back onto the streets when this pandemic ends,” said Supervisor Fletcher, Vice Chair of the Regional Task Force on the Homeless and Co-chair of the County’s COVID-19 Subcommittee. “Directing these funds to support sustainable housing solutions that end chronic homelessness will strengthen our coronavirus exit strategy and put homeless individuals on the path to recovery.”    

The coalition is urging the funds come from resources the state has at its disposal, whether General Fund, federal Coronavirus Relief Funds, state Community Development Block Grants, and FEMA disaster funds. 

Nearly 150 organizations have joined the coalition, including: County of Los Angeles, City of San Jose, City and County of San Francisco, City of Riverside, County of Santa Clara, City of Los Angeles, United Way Greater Los Angeles, Amity Foundation, Community Housing Works and Housing California.