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To get our schools open and to get our economy moving, we must slow the spread


It’s clear, to get our schools to open and to get our economy moving, job number one for everyone is to slow the spread of the virus. All children deserve to receive a high quality education and COVID-19 presents very unique challenges to fulfilling the mission. As a parent I understand how difficult this has been already. And because our County is on the state’s monitoring list, we all have an obligation to fight this virus the right way so we can get our kids back into the classroom.   

Distance learning will be hard for working families. Due to work hours, internet connectivity issues and other barriers, families with school-age children will need greater support to ensure learning from outside the classroom doesn’t create a gap in the quality of the education our children receive. 

In the days ahead my office will work with school leaders to offer our assistance and help develop solutions. 

Nathan Fletcher
Supervisor, Fourth District
County of San Diego