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Supervisor Gaspar’s “Just Say No” Approach to Safe, Regulated and Legal Cannabis Operations Harms County’s Future


Today, the Board declined to move forward on Supervisor Nathan Fletcher’s common-sense approach to cannabis policy that would have allowed for safe, regulated, and legal cannabis - including allowing multiple zoning uses and a permitting program that puts social equity first. After today’s vote, Supervisor Fletcher released the following statement:   

“Our proposal would have allowed for the development of a cannabis industry that is safe, regulated, and legal. Instead, led by Supervisor Kristin Gaspar, the Board doubled down on an outdated and out-of-touch view of legal cannabis. By saying no to  creating a regulated market, they have opened the floodgates for more  illegal shops, more criminal activity, and substantial losses in tax revenue to our county. They not only rejected a bi-partisan coalition of elected officials, vital agricultural leaders like the San Diego County Farm Bureau but they also rejected our veterans and seniors who rely on cannabis for the medical treatment of chronic pain. I can only hope a future Board of Supervisors will allow us to advance common-sense cannabis policy that puts social justice squarely at the front.”