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Chair Fletcher & Majority of Board Support Increased Resources for COVID Compliance, Enforcement


Chair Nathan Fletcher, with support of the majority of the Board of Supervisors, passed a policy to step-up the County of San Diego’s enforcement on entities that are not complying with the COVID-19 public health orders.  

“We are increasing resources and reaffirming our commitment to slowing the spread of COVID-19 in San Diego County by expanding the scope and commitment of enforcement by our County’s compliance team,” said Chair Fletcher. “Taking these actions will protect lives and help in the regional effort to beat COVID-19.”  

On August 4, 2020 the Board of Supervisors considered three enforcement options and selected the lowest level of compliance enforcement.  With the significant surge in cases, hospitalizations and deaths the new Board of Supervisors again reviewed those enforcement options and chose to adopt all of the options that were originally presented last August.  

Supervisor Joel Anderson added to this effort that the county ensure “fair and consistent” application of all enforcement and transparently share the data surrounding the spread of COVID-19 that is the basis for efforts to slow transmission of the virus. Supervisor Nora Vargas added that to the extent allowable by law, businesses that blatantly continue to violate public health orders, not be eligible for county assistance programs. 

The full scope of the compliance team now includes: 

  • Inspections Responsive to Complaints
    • Egregious cases in violation of state and county public health order 
    • Outbreaks 
    • Operation prohibited under public health order 
  • Conduct Proactive Inspections (Added Action on 1/12/21) 
  • Distribute Citations for Violating Safe Reopening Plan (Added Action on 1/12/21) 
  • Businesses not in compliance with public health orders will not be eligible to receive County relief funding, as is legally possible (Added Action on 1/12/21)
  • Enforcement on entities should be fair and consistent with science and data that is available  (Added Action on 1/12/21)   

If you see a violation contact the County of San Diego’s Safe Reopening Compliance Team at 858-694-2900 or send an email to

To date, 335 cease and desist orders have been issued by the County of San Diego Safe Compliance Team. within a few weeks two-thirds of violators come into compliance, but one-third remain in violation.