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Supervisor Fletcher’s Statement on Reopening


I believe we should take a more cautious and safe approach to re-opening than what was outlined today. My concerns are with the size, scope and speed of what is being reopened on Monday. While there are some lower risk entities that could safely reopen at this point, what we are doing is very similar to what we did in June with a large segment of indoor operations all opening at the same time. This led to a large increase in cases and required new restrictions. 

At the same time we are moving forward on these reopenings we are trying to give schools a chance to start again and have college students returning to campus.  I believe our focus now should be on a narrow section of low risk entities and doing everything we can to support our schools. 

Additionally, we are struggling as a region in having  successful enforcement and compliance and continue to see elected leaders, including the El Cajon Mayor, advocate against following  public health orders. My fear is that the breadth and speed of what we are doing could cause a spike in cases that would trigger us moving back to a higher state tier and requiring additional closures. I would prefer a more cautious approach that gives us a higher probability of a smooth and steady recovery. 

But even though I prefer a different path, the decision has been made and I will continue to work tirelessly to help us find a way to slow the spread, support our schools, and continue to help our community through this difficult time.