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Supervisor Fletcher Calls for us to Come Together and Slow the Spread


Supervisor Desmond’s Motion to Defy State Order Dies for Failure to Get a Second

After Supervisor Jim Desmond’s motion to defy the state public health order died, Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, Co-Chair of the County’s COVID-19 Subcommittee, called on everyone to come together to slow the spread.  His request comes on a day the County’s case count moves backwards, closer to the State’s Purple Tier. Below is Supervisor Fletcher’s statement:   

“We heard from a lot of callers today and I certainly understand that people are struggling, this is a very difficult time for our community. The way we get out of this is not by acting  like it is not there or acting like we can just wish it would go away. The way we get out is heed the advice that has presented to us. 

“It is about  slowing the case count. It is about slowing the rate of spread.  Ensuring we protect the integrity of our healthcare system and start making wise decisions that will allow us to smoothly reopen our economy and not have this on again off again.  

“I am grateful this motion died for a lack of a second. Because this effort would have made matters much worse. As bad as it is today, it will exponentially worse if you allow rampant uncontrolled spread of COVID. 

“You would see more economic decimation. Much greater complications of our mental health system. An increase of deaths. As challenging as these times are we are shouldered with the responsibility to make decisions that are in the county’s best interest, even if they may not always be popular.  

“We know the difficult challenge ahead of us, requires us to do the difficult things we have to do to come together as a community to slow the spread. I hope we can continue to chart that course. And it’s not lost on me that on a day when our case count is increasing to a higher tier, we should be coming together as a community to be saying how do we once again slow the spread again and get those numbers down. If we want more businesses open, we have a path in front of us for what we need to do. As we move forward, I am hoping we can do it out of that spirit of common interest. 

“The actions we take to open business are the same to slow the spread   to protect the vulnerable and get our community in better play. I urge us to continue to exercise caution, and chart our way through these difficult times in a thoughtful, responsible way.”